At Home without a Home

Im an artist. I live where I house sit. My closet is in my car.

Going out of town? Need a house or pet sitter? call me 816.866.3025 |

Ranu Mukherje is a contemporary artist who focuses on the idea of the nomadic person.  She currently lives in San Francisco, California. 

"Ranu Mukherjee is a multi-disciplinary artist making hybrid films, works on paper and collaborative projects. Her recent work focuses on processes of creolization, the figure of the nomad, speculative narratives and the visual and political history of 19th century Indian lithographs.She generally refers to encounters with embodiment, ecology, the science-fictional and the unknown, exploring narrative excess and material conditions brought on by global capitalism. Ranu co-created the collaborative artist orphan drift in London in the 1990’s. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and screenings internationally. She is represented by Frey Norris Contemporary and Modern. Ranu has 5 year old triplets and is growing tentacles."

Mukherjee received her M.F.A. from the Royal College of Art, Painting Department, London, and her B.F.A. from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston.  In 2010 she was a featured artist in Noma gallery’s Videohole and received a Kala Fellowship Award.

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